Karel Beyers


Karel Beyers takes over the De Schutter roasting company in Antwerp and starts Beyers Koffie.

Old Factory


Company founder, Karel Beyers, dies. His sons Eduard, Edmond, Louis and Constant take over the business. They keep the company’s strong growth on track.

Karel Beyers - copyright CC


Louis Beyers’ son, Karel Beyers, a much talked-about Right Winger of Royal Antwerp FC (1961 – 1972), joins the business.

Beyers Vacuum packs


Beyers Koffie is the first company in Belgium to install a vacuum packaging machine.

Beyers Fairtrade Max Havelaar Belgium


Beyers is the very first company to become a member of the Fairtrade labelling organisation Max Havelaar Belgium.

Beyers Café D'Anvers


To celebrate Antwerp being The European Capital of Culture, Beyers launches Café d'Anvers – an aromatic coffee blend based on an authentic Antwerp recipe from 1903.

Kimbo Logo


The Neapolitan Rubino family – owner of Café do Brasil, known from their famous Kimbo brand, takes over Beyers.

Facility Puurs 1995


Together Café do Brasil and Beyers build a state of the art coffee roasting plant in Puurs.

Beyers Pads


Beyers is the first one to launch Senseo compatible pads in private label. 

Fort coffee


Beyers Koffie takes over Fort, a coffee roaster based in Itegem.

100% renewable electricity


From the 1st of January 2009 on, Beyers uses 100% renewable electricity.

Sucafina logo


The Sucafina Group takes over Beyers Koffie, creating the first fully vertically integrated coffee supply chain in the world.

All roasting operations are CO2-compensated in Puurs.

Beyers CO2-Neutral


Beyers’ complete own product portfolio is labelled as CO2-neutral coffee.

Beyers Caffe Italia


Beyers Koffie acquires a company in Italy and renames it Beyers Caffe Italia, increasing its capacity and coffee capsule know-how.

Farmer Connect


Beyers Koffie partners up with Farmer Connect to create a more transparent supply chain.

Beyers Aluminium capsules


Beyers introduces the aluminium Nespresso compatible capsules for private label.

Beyers Hall 5 3D Render


Beyers continues to invest in a new building to increase production and storage capacity in Puurs.

Taking coffee further

The future?

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